Bespoke Nissan ECU remapping


Nissan remapping development

Nissan GT-R

GAD Tuning LTD develop bespoke nissan ECU remapping software for all Nissan engines and management types. The performance and economy gains to be had from your Nissan are nothing short of incredible, being that our software is tailored to our clients request means that we can blend power and economy giving the best of both worlds with all Nissan Diesel vehicles.

Modern Nissan diesel engines have so much potential that can be acquired through our mapping techniques and technical experience. In some cases as much as 60 bhp and 100 nm of torque can be extracted from a factory standard vehicle, while maintaining similar MPG. Through our economy remapping development we have seen gains of 35 bhp and 70 nm of torque through engine efficiency. The main difference with Nissan to other manufacturers is there management systems which we are one of the few companies in the UK who have full lines of communication to these vehicles, due to the use of DENSO ECU’s this means that your standard remapping equipment does not have the communication protocols, however we have all the equipment needed to get the job done.

Nissan petrol vehicles also benefit massively from GAD nissan ECU remapping especially the Nissan GT-R which we have seen gains of 60+ BHP and 70 NM of torque on our Stage 1 software. This can also be taken further with hardware and further software upgrades. This also allows for less strained over taking power and less shifting through your transmission as the power is always on tap.