Supercars Of Essex

SupercarsThe Supercarsofessex is an exclusive club for Supercar owners and petrol heads in and around Essex. The guys at Supercarsofessex which is based at the Witham branch of Bigcarsltd, organise monthly runs to different routes in a round the towns of beautiful rural Essex but also many runs start and finish at the towns and villages in Essex. Some of the cars brands you expect to see at the month meets are Audi R8‘s, Bentley‘s, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Porsche.

Here is a little piece from Ryan Lugg the owner and organiser for the Supercarsofessex “We are a Supercar club giving Supercar owners an excuse to get out and enjoy their cars! We organise meets and drives all around Essex where we find the most enjoyable roads so our members can get the most out of their cars. We are more than happy for members to join from all over the UK as we will be organising longer trips to some of the best roads in the country.”

GAD Tuning are the sole tuning sponsor for the Supercars of Essex which means we offer discounts to its members on both high performance custom remapping software but also competitive prices on performance upgrades such as Quicksilver exhaust systems and high performance low restriction air filters.


GAD/DUB Audi R8 V10

DG R8 V10Here is one of the latest projects that has come from out working partnership with Dub Customs who are the leading vehicle wrapping and styling company in the UK. Beautifully wrapped in gloss carbon fibre and chrome red, couple with our tuning package which included K&N performance filter upgrades and Quicksilver exhaust upgrade producing an extra 80bhp and 70nm of torque giving Lamborghini Huracan power. This vehicle is a members vehicle so expect to see him in the convoys of the future.



DubGTCGAD/DUB Bentley Continental GTC SuperSport conversion

This is Dub Customs Bentley Continental GTC which has custom interior and SuperSport conversion package which includes Quicksilver Titanium exhaust system and custom GAD Tuning software which give well and above the SuperSport spec of tuning. Giving an extra 75bhp and 120nm of torque with K&N performance filter upgrades make for a much sharper weapon. Running the Bosch ME7.1.1 means it runs a Master/slave system which means two ECU’s must be calibrated separately.


Nathc63GAD/DUB Mercedes C63 AMG 550bhp Stage 2+

This baby blue beauty was the first time GAD Tuning and Dub Customs worked on a joint project, this¬†member is also part of the Supercarsofessex and often turns many heads with the C63 AMG’s sheer power and noise and to top it off its dashing good looks makes sure that when people see it they are impressed! The 6.2 V8 from the Mercedes C63 AMG is a massively restricted engine in the first place so after installing a full iPE manifold back system with K&N filters means for an extra 100bhp+ over stock management and set up. The guys at Dub customs had picked THE nicest blue anyone has ever seen so keep your eyes peeled.