Switchable Remapping with the GAD WT3 System

switchable remapping



Switchable ECU Remapping and DPF Removal, with the WT3 unit all that is required is a PC or laptop and a valid email account. The WT3 unit is able to handle x2 UPGRADED files plus the factory software, you the customer are in complete control of you vehicles management. There are no limits to how many times you change the vehicles software and no limits the the number of files / remaps you can have however at any one time the unit will only store two upgraded remap files.


The WT3 can switch remaps at any given time from upgraded software to the factory software. We can develop remaps to any spec and or requirements. Giving the end user complete flexibility, The WT3 is also great for clients wishing to put the vehicle back to factory when visiting the dealer as the WT3 leaves no footprints when back in factory mode.


Diagnostic functions

Alongside remapping the WT3 acts as a basic code reader, the WT3 will read fault codes and if required delete any codes that may be stored.


DPF Removal

DPF Removal software can also be used with the WT3 to disable any diesel particular filter functions in conjunction with DPF Removal pipe and or hardware. DPF removal software can be added to a remapped file or be a factory file with the DPF Funtions NOT in place.


Speed Limiters

Speed limiters can be removed with the WT3 the software can be applied to any remap and can be used on the factory software.



– Launch control

– POPcorn limiter

– Antilag

– Increase rev limits