Alfa Romeo 146 Remapping

Alfa Romeo ECU RemappingBespoke Alfa Romeo 146 Remapping by GAD Tuning. The Alfa Romeo 146 has a large scope for improvement which is about the same with just about all Alfa Romeo Models. This is due to the nature of the engine and the gradable mapping within the ECU. As much as 35 BHP and 65 NM of torque can be safely extracted from remapping alone. Although this is a new breed of Alfa Romeo, it still takes on familiar engines and ECU types.

GAD tuning works alongside many Alfa Romeo dealers to provide existing clients with performance and/or economy gains through remapping. However, GAD ensures that the protection and security of your Alfa Romeo 146 will be provided when choosing remapping through a dealer through warranty and insurance.
For clients who are seeking more bespoke applications, this can be developed ‘in house’ to ensure that your needs are met.


1.9 JTD 104 BHP

Performance remapping for Alfa Romeo 146 1.9 JTD 104 BHP
The Specs Below are based upon a standard vehicle. If your vehicle has modifications please feel free to talk with us we can write a bespoke solution based on your requirements
+ 38 BHP
+ 70 NM
Emission C02 Reduction:Contact
MPG improvement:4-7
BHP +22
NM + 55
– Switchable Remap – CONTACT
– DPF Removal – Available from £150 +VAT
– EGR Valve Removal – Available From £100
– Diesel Tuning Box – Available From £200
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