GAD specialist remapping software, GAD tuning develop and test all software in house using many techniques and advanced testing systems including engine Dyno and rolling road testing we also use a GPS Dyno for real time road performance as its 99.9% precise accurate and proven results as there are less variables then a fixed rolling road.

Due to the complete uniqueness and development of gad software  we can create and develop just about any result providing the sufficient hardware is in place. For instance some factory vehicles can host a 130 BHP  extra due to the de-tuned management and an extremely high tolerance engine with no adverse affects on reliability.

What Makes Us Unique?

Unlike many tuning company’s we work from the the factory remap and do not apply generic software over the top… Using the factory software will allow us to edit and develop the remap to your exact requirements whilst maintaining all security functions and chassis numbers. For race and motor sport remapping applications we are able to remove such structures as and when required.

The key areas that are worked on are:

– Torque limiters

– Turbo Pressure MB

– Single boost limiter

– Fuel

– Ignition timing advance and retard

These are just a few basic parameters that are changed.