Rolling Road Essex

Rolling road EssexGAD Tuning temporarily use/have access to a rolling road in Cambridgeshire until early-mid 2015 when we are in our new premises in Rolling Road Essex and have our own linked 4WD system installed. The rolling road/dyno is key to development and testing of software which enables us to give real time accurate figures of performance both pre and post remapping and data collection for any other software/modification upgrades.

We use a 4WD rolling road capable of handling 1200 BHP at the wheels. Giving us the following data…….

1) BHP at the wheels
2) Torque at the wheels
3) BHP at the flywheel
4) Torque at the flywheel
5) Boost pressure (forced induction only)
6) Air/fuel mixture


GPS Dyno

The true ‘on the road’ test

For the most precise ‘on the road’ results, we NOW have a GPS Dyno giving 99.9 % accurate results when compared with the rolling road tests. The GPS Dyno is the only true test of actual real time road driving. We now provide the GPS dyno run (free of charge) before and after each remap (at customers request), thus enabling us to see all pre and post remapping figure’s. All GPS dyno runs are at the owners risk.

The GPS dyno and track telemetry kit is available for hire from GAD tuning (for motorsport events, personal testing etc) from just £50 per Day