The Bentley Arnage T along with all others in the Bentley range offer huge power output increases through our Bespoke Bentley Arnage T ECU remapping software and development. We can take the 6.7 V8 twin turbo which already has a 1000 NM of torque and give it an extra 250 NM of torque, which is a healthy 25% increase in power out. GAD Tuning has developed and tested our custom software and the results are staggering! Bentley Arnage T engine remapping can also dramatically increase the fuel efficiency of the engine.

Our software also fully maintains the Bentley Arnage T’s excellent refinement and engine quality that it is famous for, we can also offer fully custom exhaust systems to give that extra performance sound track from the standard Bentley Arnage T system also giving greater flow out of the exhaust thus giving an easier job for the Turbo’s to spool and also keep Turbo temperatures and EGT’s down to a minimum.

Bentley Arnage Remapping BHP

Bentley Remapping — BHP
The Specs Below are based upon a standard vehicle. If your vehicle has modifications please feel free to talk with us we can write a bespoke solution based on your requirements
+ 80 BHP
+ 250 NM
Emission C02 Reduction:Contact

NM + 48

– Switchable Remap – CONTACT
– DPF Removal – Available from N/A
– EGR Valve Removal – Available From N/A
– Diesel Tuning Box – Available From N/A
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