Protection like no other

GAD Tuning have the leading UK product and workmanship insurance policy to give complete peace of mind when choosing your remap or development company. This allows both us and our dealers to fully protect your vehicle. Our insurance by Hiscox insurance group has a total cover of £5 million, ensuring any claim is much more than ‘covered’.

Due to this level of customer service we are able to work alongside many main dealers such as Porsche, Mercedes, VW, Audi, BMW, Bentley and Maserati. Making GAD one of the first choices for ECU Remapping by the motor industry.

In 2012 GAD won several awards for its services to main dealers including 100% customer satisfaction for Mercedes and services to motorsport by GEL.

GAD have invested heavily in research and equipment, using only the very latest available equipment and methods. With GAD, our clients benefit from perfection, passion, pride and vehicle obsession. For further protection and safety GAD leads the way from many other vehicle tuning and ecu remapping providers – as our insurance is independently underwritten by hiscox and covers all the file writing and tuning services provided.

Our customers can have confidence in GAD during and after the ecu remapping procedure. In the highly unlikely event you experience a fault/issue with the remapping process with GAD, rest assured we have the the correct cover is in place – for your protection and peace of mind.

We aim to exceed all expectations with regards to customer service, GAD have vast experience in building and development of engine management therefore recovery structures/back up protocols are in place for customer protection.

Back Up

We hve a full and comprehensive backup procedure in place for every vehicle and remap we work on. GAD Tuning not only have a full backup facility in house, but also to external networks to ensure no data loss. With secure backups and factory software we have the ability to restore your vehicle back to factory/stock settings/parameters

Software Support

With two specialists degree level software technicians in house we provide full support if any issues are encountered.

EM Remap and Diagnosis

Due to GAD being management/Remapping development specialists we are able to retrace and find faults others may not. With many ways of communication between car and ecu we are able to clone and analyze data in real time therefore seeing exactly where the issue is.

What it Covers ?

GAD cover all parts directly effected by software and as a direct result of the software. Please see terms.