BMW M4 Remapping

BMW M4 Remapping

BMW M4 Exhaust upgrades

Here at GAD Tuning we have almost finished development of our BMW M4 Remapping programme which can be a standalone software upgrade making use of the full potential of the BMW M4 but can further be enhanced with full iPE exhaust system! The BMW M4 is a beautiful machine however our customers have all mentioned they feel its a little heartless!

ECU Remapping software

Our custom ECU Remapping software for the BMW M4 will see gains of 500bhp and 650nm of torque at the crank after software alone! The 3.0 straight six twin turbo is beautiful and the scope for tuning is massive!

iPE Exhaust system for the BMW M4

We can offer both full switchable systems with and without down pipes, the system with down pipes will see higher power output but all are massively improved in regards to exhaust note and sound track! Truly making the BMW M4 what it should have been out of the factory.

BMW M4 Remapping BMW M4 Remapping