350 CDI ecu remapping

C350 CDI Remapping and Development

We have been working along side Lake House Tuning in Surrey to make a diesel AMG equivalent, through our software
and development alone so far we are making strong opposition against the C63 AMG. Whilst retaining fuel economy and drivability of diesel we have produced
staggering performance on a standard vehicle.

With further upgrades to come:

  • Stage 2 software
  • DPF
  • EGR
  • Custom Intercooler
  • Black edition inspired exhaust
  • Uprated friction plates
  • 8 pot calliper with optional of 12
  • Visual styling options (Carbon fibre spoilers, diffusers, front

Future Upgrades

Through these upgrades we are aiming to hit over 800NM of
torque while maintaining high 30’s to low 40’s in the MPG department. Because of
the massive power output that we will achieve the C350 CDI brake upgrade is by
no means man enough to cope, we have spent weeks in research and development to
find something to better the AMG upgrades.

We have found Wortec, there
braking system is far superior to AMG and Brembo and have the option to going
all the way to massive 12 pot’s, Something never seen before on any

The package will be available shortly and are already taking
orders for the equipment and upgrade package as the build moves along.

You can view this here

C350 CDI remapping

C350 CDI remapping

C350 CDI remapping

C350 CDI remapping