C63 AMG Remapping

C63 AMG Remapping

AMG Remapping

Here at GAD Tuning Ltd we specialise in bespoke ECU remapping for all prestigious marques! However we consider ourselves as Mercedes specialists, and tune many top of the range Mercedes AMG models straight out of the factory.

Some examples are the S65 AMG in which through software alone we can achieve an extra 100bhp over the standard management, as for the C63 AMG running the 6.2 V8 M156 engine which comes out of the factory with 450 bhp we can increase power output by 70 bhp on the stock vehicle. This can also be taken further with long tube headers and performance air filters making over 550 bhp!!!

Throttle response is also greatly improved as well as the amount of torque that is now produced and spread right across the rev range!

We work along side many main dealers to offer our remapping software and expertise to customers who are looking for the edge and the ultimate driving experience.

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