DPF Diesel Particular filter removal

DPF Filter removal by GAD Tuning. GAD are able to removal all code relating to the DPF or FAP Filter to ensure you never have a DPF fault again. With a new OEM spec filter costing in excess of £2000 for some manufactures we offer a simple cost effective way to remove the filter via software all from £250:00 Plus VAT.

Please NOTE : DPF and FAP Removal is 100% MOT safe within the UK. As the main purpose it to reduce soot from being seen from the exhaust.

GAD are now able to provide DPF removal service for Bosch EDC15, EDC16 and EDC17 ECU`s as well as Siemens SID, PPD and Magnetti MarellI Multijet ECU`s. The DPF will need to be removed from the vehicle and the filter or replaced with a DPF removal pipe.

DPF removal for performance gain… YES diesel particular filters are very very restrictive in modern day vehicles. Gains of upto 25 BHP can be made by simply removing the existing unit and replacing without the restrictive honeycomb center.

DPF Removal for increase economy ? Again yes, as above DPF and FAP filters restrict and create a harder environment for the engine to exhale. With a free flowing exhaust system you will not only gain a bit extra performance you will also see a greater improvement in economy just from removing.

GAD can now supply bespoke dpf removal pipework along side a remap at our Bury St Edmunds (suffolk) dealership while you wait. Appointment ONLY.

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