Tricore ecu


EDC17 Tricore ECU Cloning

The Tricore ECU require specialist equipment to be programmed/remapped correctly. Many use boot cables to “prong on” but here ad GAD we have invested in positioning frame a full chip sets to make the process safer still EDC17 Remaps are some of the safest ecu types to work with due to being the most common, regardless of the vehicle make ie Mercedes bmw or Porsche. Although the though of opening the ECU is scary it really is the safest method as no vehicle interference is possible.

To date GAD have in remapped and developed for over 280 Tricore ecu’s we can safely say we are one of the biggest EDC17 ecu developers.

Cloning the edc17 ecu is mainly used for loss of data if the ecu has crashed GAD have the capability to clone old ecu software to the new ecu is required.

EDC17 ECU Remapping History

Bosch started using access control on the outside ECU reprogramming . It’s usually a normal challenge-response scheme with some sort of seed-key algorithm. Of program, the ecu remapping industry maintained and solved these functions to have methods of correcting your checksums, and to have OBD programming capability of these ECUs. About 7-8 years ago, Bosch started using RSA signatures to regulate the ECU contents. Ahead of time, just a 256bit RSA, after that 512bit RSA, and nowadays, on these new ECUs, its a hash from the 1024Bit RSA signature. Something thats virtually un-crackable along with traditional brute force techniques. Since these keys are yet to become solved, tuners have must find other ways regarding programming the ECUs. When the MEDC17 ECU family was already released, a backdoor was present in the programming algorithm. Originally this hash was tested only after certain circumstances were met. If there’re not met, it was not checked. So the programming method made sure that was the case when they programmed the ECU. That “Tuning Protection”, as it really is commonly called, just means that this backdoor has also been sealed, and the ECU often checks the hash validity soon after every OBD programming endeavor. If this is not valid, it sets a flag from the memory that prevents the car from starting. Our tools can detect this function by simply reading the ECU by means of OBD. Many others, including some big brands, have problems with autos not starting after producing. That is why, for the present time, on these protected ECU’s, we should instead open the ECU to use a processor function built from the TC17xx-series processors, which we can boot and reset your ECU at any presented moment from pins around the motherboard. This way the ECU isn’t going to detect it as as a possible OBD programming attempt, and also skips the hash validity check out. At this time, there are no tuning companies that can bypass this security check of course, if an ECU has “Tuning Protection” then it’ll need to be programmed by subtracting the ECU out and also opening it. Some phone it “bench flash”, some say they “install some sort of probe”, but this is how it really is done by ALL tuners who will be offering remaps on “protected” MEDC17 ECUs.