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My 2.0 TDI MK6 2012 Golf was remapped 3 days ago apart from the fantastic jump in power my MPG has raised by 5 MPG Based on tank to tank fill up….

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” my car has now been running the GAD Tuning remap for around a month now, like for like driving its a smooth yet responsive beast when the power if delivered its just insane how much of a difference it makes.. since the remap ive had the dpf filter removed and replaced this with a miltek dpf replacement pipe to increase the flow of exhaust gas and further improve on low end torque and the overall power of the car. This is not the first vehicle ive had remapped ive had 3 other vw’s tuned by other local and national remapping company’s i can safely say GAD’s team are one of the most knowledgeable i had met. Once again i would like to thanks Antony & Gary for the time and dedication. ”


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