ECU remapping: not just a high-octane experience

It’s a common misconception that ECU remapping is the sole preserve of motorists wanting to achieve higher speeds. Let’s be honest – ECU remapping can offer precisely that (and who wouldn’t want their Jaguar F-Type to achieve top speeds?), although it’s worth pointing out that ECU remapping offers far more than getting your supercar to achieve an MPH that The Stig would be envious of. There are plenty of reasons to consider ECU remapping, particularly if you want to get the best out of your car – not just in terms of speed, but in terms of performance and longevity, too.

The benefits of engine remapping

If you’re rocking a reliable BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari or even a Bentley, you might be surprised at how engine remapping could improve the performance of your vehicle. By remapping the ECU (which stands for Engine Control Unit) it’s possible to replace the default software on the original chip and essentially tailor it to the needs and requirements of the driver. This can make the driving experience much more enjoyable – for example, it could be something as small as an improvement which means no longer having to drop gear on an incline, or having to change gears less frequently in urban areas with built up traffic. Put simply, ECU remapping isn’t just about increasing speed, it’s about economics. Simple tweaks such as this can actually decrease the amount the driver spends on fuel.

High performance engine tuning

A high performance engine requires a high quality team to tune it. Gad Tuning offer a bespoke service – our passion for tuning and tweaking is unrivalled, and we treat every engine as if it were our own. We take pleasure in optimising vehicles, which is why we’re regarded as the best place for ECU remapping Essex has to offer.

What’s the catch?

None whatsoever. ECU remapping software provided by GAD comes with a lifetime warranty, and there’s a 12 month/30,000 mile warranty on offer for any vehicles less than three years old.

With the benefits ECU remapping offers, the question remains: can you afford not to do it?

Photo: bentley continental Mansory by Benoit cars licensed under Creative commons 2