Tricore ecu

Remapping EDC17 Anti Tuning ECU

Myths of Anti Tuning ECU Tuning

We’ve had many people asking why we should instead open the ECU’s in the later cars brought for you to us, and what is this “tuning protection” many companies are referring to. Here’s a brief explanation of ECU Remapping protection. “Tuning Protection” for your Infineon TriCore TC-series processors (Bosch MED17/EDC17) On the CR TDI and 1. 8/2. 0 Turbo Petrol engines with the latest Bosch ECU generation (MED17 for the petrol’s, EDC17 for your diesels, I’ll just refer them to MEDC17 from now on… ), Bosch has implemented some new security measures to safeguard against aftermarket reprogramming in the engine control unit calibration data. Bosch originally started to work with various checksums in your late 80’s to verify your data integrity of the power plant control unit memory information. Originally this was just a simple additive checksum, where you count the sum of all bytes in your file, and store the worth in one place. Afterwards, it was also employed to protect the data by unauthorized modifications. For example, ME7. 5 ECU (1. 8 Turbo) contains about 70 different checksum obstructs, and the result beliefs are filtered through various functions to experience a secure method of verifying data both internal and external data methods.

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