Engine mapping: the cheapest performance you can buy

Tuning is big business and you can easily double the price of your car if you go for the works. You can rebuild the engine, suspension, change the exhaust and even switch out the wheels in the quest for added horsepower and reduced weight. Or you can just remap the car.

A serious rebuild on your car is going to cost lots of money, whether it’s a hatchback or a top of the line supercar. New pistons, conrods, a bigger turbo and more are all conventional options, but the cost of throwing perfectly good components in the bin and replacing them with even more expensive, specialist parts, can boggle the mind.

Every car, though, even the big horsepower firebreathers from Lamborghini (http://www.gadtuning.co.uk/lamborghini-remapping/) and Ferrari, is tuned on the safe side. They are designed ‘globally’, so they will run on near toxic fuel in the far reaches of the globe and run all day in sub-Saharan temperatures. If you’re looking for engine remapping in London, you don’t have to worry about these safety margins, so you can afford to turn up the wick on your engine.

An engine remap is the simplest way to unleash a little extra performance. It changes the ignition timing, the turbo pressure and a few other crucial parameters. It’s all in the software, so you don’t actually have to worry about stripping and replacing parts, so the labour costs are minimal, too. We can remap your chip in less than an hour and the gains can be impressive.

ECU remapping is undoubtedly the cheapest way to release extra horsepower and torque from your car and you can benefit from anti-lag, too. This ensures your car has positive boost pressure between gear changes, providing relentless acceleration right through the range. In combination with removal of the Mass Air Flow filter, you will feel a real difference in your car and a quick remap will make it feel like a totally new vehicle. You can even have a number of maps, if you want an insane version on Sunday morning and a relaxed and economical machine during the week (http://www.gadtuning.co.uk/wt3/).

It’s cheaper than replacing hardware, won’t cause you problems with your warranty and is the safest, most cost-effective way to make your car go faster.

Photo: 1968 Plymouth Valiant 100 engine by dave_7 licensed under Creative commons 2