GAD Tuning review

GAD Tuning review of some of our work!


I am very pleased so far and I thank Anthony and Gary for
their time and patience in explaining the process to me and also for opening my
eyes to remaps, as I say I had previously been apprehensive about the whole
concept – which essentially was due to a lack of knowledge on the subject.

GAD have a great set up and I will certainly recommend them to friends
and family who may be interested in a remap. In fact, I may also get the CLK
done soon!

Pictures to follow and will update thread with more
information as I drive the car…




“A great day though, as explained there was a little trouble getting the map
uploaded due to a couple of small technical hitches but nothing GAD couldnt

Now the map is completed, the car is completely transformed!
Bucketloads of torque and more power all through the revs.

impressed with the service as well the guys took time out of their day to ensure
the job was done 100% properly and everything was perfect at the end of the
Will be hearing from me in the future for sure, big thanks.”


“The Rebellion Automotive-tuned Benz has almost 800 Nm, 785 Nm (577.9 lb/ft) to be more precise, and 324 BHP. These figures come via a bespoke ECU remap upgrade by GAD Tuning, while the rest of the car was modified using Rebellion Automotive’s own ideas and specifications of what a sports diesel car should be like.”



“Hi all

Just thought I’d update….had my 320d 177bhp remap and DPF removed and deleted the EGR today by GAD Tuning, remap an extra 50 bhp and torque almost doubled, told me that in 1st gear it was only putting out around 200Nm of torque which was set pretty low now been upped to nearly 380Nm with a steady increase through the gears…….she now shifts like Sh*t of a shiney shovel

So much torque she wants to pull and pull and I no longer have any turbo lag…smooth as a babies bum!

If anyone is thinking of a remap consider using GAD Tuning, they were brilliant,  custom made my remap to how I wanted it.

Put fun back into driving”