GLA 45 AMG Tuning

GLA 45 AMG performance upgrades

Here at GAD tuning ltd we can offer tuning upgrades for the Mercedes GLA45 AMG giving the vehicle an extra 40bhp and opening the torque band massively giving your vehicle a far greater drive and also blistering 0-60 times! Data has shown an sub 4 second 0-60 times in the Mercedes GLA45 AMG running the iTuning system from Rebellion Automotive.

The Mercedes GLA45 AMG runs a 4matic 4WD system with race start launch control meaning every ounce of power form the 2.0 litre Turbo power plant gets to the road!

The Mercedes GLA45 AMG also benefits from the change in suspension from the A45 AMG giving a smoother ride which is far better to live with!

We are also in the process of developing an ECU remapping service for the Mercedes GLA45 AMG running the Bosch MED17.7.1 and offer a fully custom tune for the Mercedes GLA45 AMG without the need for a plug and play unit.

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GLA45 AMG tuning GLA45 AMG tuning