Mercedes 250 CDI remapping

Mercedes 250 CDI remapping

250 CDI remapping

GAD Tuning ltd can offer fully bespoke ECU remapping software for the 250 CDI engine, drivetrain and management system. The Mercedes 250 CDI is the 2.2 litre twin turbo diesel running Delphi DCM 3.5 which we have full lines of communication via the OBD port. This means that the ECU does not have to be removed from the vehicle to be programmed.

The gains from the 204bhp – 500nm of torque engine and drivetrain make it the perfect platform for development and has massive scope for excellent gains in performance, economy and generally sharpening up the vehicle.

Gains we achieve from the C250 CDI, E250 CDI, SLK 250 CDI GLK 250 CDI and the ML250 CDI will give your vehicle an extra 55-60bhp and 110-115nm of torque! Transforming the vehicle into a completely different animal and now producing higher peak torque output than the C63 AMG! Whilst still returning excellent MPG for the longer journeys!

Power delivery is both smooth and progressive or sharp and aggressive depending on how you would like the vehicle mapped, being completely bespoke we can tailor the map to your every needs and wishes and can even blend how passive/aggressive the map is via the throttle position so around town the vehicle behaves very civilised and smooth and beyond 80% throttle we can have a far more aggressive power delivery for the more spirited of driving styles.

Mercedes C250 CDI remapping

C250 CDI Remapping

C250 CDI Remappingmercedes e250 remappingE250 CDI Remapping