Mercedes 350 CDI GAD Edition

GAD Edition Super Sport Diesel (SSD)

This package will transform your standard 350 CDI into the GAD 350 CDI retaining economy whilst packing fury and performance making the once tame Mercedes diesel into an AMG competitor. The GAD Edition will include software and hardware modifications to get lightning response, power and torque out of the 350 CDI. This is done by adding many hardware modifications along side software modification. The GAD edition will also come with Matte features such as matte wheels, Grill Badges , Rear Badges and edition GAD badges, making subtle changes with a choice of finishes.

Software modifications:

Fully bespoke ECU remapping, developed and tested by GAD Tuning’s R&D department, produce in excess of 330 bhp and 750 nm of torque with EGR and DPF structure removal.

Hardware modifications:

Hybrid Turbo with 360 degree thrust bearings, Cut back turbo blades and VSR balancing,

Fully custom 404 grade stainless steel exhaust system with life warranty,

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) removal, both software and hardware removal,

EGR structure delete and disable, allowing for cooler intake temperatures and a more complete combustion cycle,

Custom made GAD edition Intercooler to keep charge temperatures down,

Edition GAD 350 CDI ExhaustEdition GAD 350 CDI Intercooler


Package Compatibility

Our GAD Edition package is compatible with the C350 CDI, E350 CDI, E350 CDI Convertible, CLS 350 CDI, G 350 CDI, GL 350 CDI, GLK 350 CDI, ML 350 CDI, R 350 CDI and S 350 CDI. The process for the software modification is the same for all vehicles as they share the same engine and management being Bosch EDC17 CP01 which has the latest ATP (anti-tuning protection) which we have all the latest equipment and software to undertake the reprogramming of the vehicle.

As our exhaust system is bespoke to your vehicle along with the software, this allows 100{6fe84bdfaa7b31ed840d9a91cfe330208c3d9328218c116f6c0eacc4bf3d3948} flexibility with what the customer requires. We can offer many different exhaust tips to really make your exhaust system your own!

Cost: £7500 inc VAT for the above GAD SSD package.

SSD Plus Package (optional brake upgrade)

GAD SSD Plus + Package includes all of the above with full Brembo Brake upgrades with 6 POT 355 x 32mm Front calipers and 4 POT 328 x 28mm rear calipers all for only £15000 inc VAT.

GAD Edition 350 CDI Brake upgrade

 GAD Edition E 350 CDI Convertible: More torque than a W12 Bentley Continental!

Mercedes E350 CDI remapping