Mercedes AMG Remapping

AMG Remapping

Mercedes AMG Remapping

GAD Tuning ltd can offer performance upgrades for all Mercedes AMG models including the 63 AMG V8 engine, the 65 AMG V12 BiTurbo engine and the new 63 AMG V8 5.5L BiTurbo. Through our bespoke ECU remapping techniques we can achieve an extra 70 BHP for the Mercedes 6.2 V8 AMG engine and management system, gains can be taken further with custom RAM air kits and long tube headers to take your C63 AMG to 550BHP and 715NM of torque!

Here at GAD Tuning Ltd we can also improve on the SLS AMG which shares the same engine and management system as the C63 AMG and E63 AMG however the differences in exhaust system and throttle bodies coupled with improved software is what gives it the edge over the other models. With GAD Tunings bespoke ECU remapping techniques we can further improve the SLS AMG by another 45BHP and 50NM of torque over the standard management coupled with lightning throttle and improved shift patterns.

The Mercedes S65 AMG and Mercedes SL65 AMG have excellent scope for further improvements and gains over the stock management, we can take the S65 AMG and SL65 AMG from its stock 600BHP and 1000NM of torque and improve its performance by giving it an extra 95BHP and 150NM of torque over the stock vehicle making an already savage vehicle and giving it something more.

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