Mercedes C350 CDI 2010 Remapping

C350 CDI Remapping

Here at GAD tuning we have another lovely Mercedes C350 CDI 2010 in for power tuning, this model of vehicle is a regular for us and we also have our own demo vehicle but the newer face lift 2012 model.

Running the EDC17 CP10 the C350 CDI has the weight advantage over the other Mercedes models which gives the vehicle that little extra punch! Stock vehicle management produces 231bhp and 540nm from the stock C350 CDI however this can be massively improved with GAD tuning software to remove all of the factory limitations.

The Gains

Gaining an extra 70bhp and 180nm of torque transforms the vehicle in many ways including serious torque output, smoother power delivery, improved fuel economy and greater drivability taking the vehicle from 231bhp to 300bhp and 540nm of torque to 720nm.

We also show case many of the Mercedes we tune on the MBO forum which can be found here.

Mercedes C350 CDI Remapping Mercedes C350 CDI Remapping Mercedes C350 CDI Remapping