Mercedes C350 CDI Remapping and tuning

Tuning upgrades and software

Here at GAD Tuning we not only tune many Mercedes C350 CDI vehicles but also have our Demo car which is the later 265bhp model now running 315bhp and 750nm of torque!
This model however is the first generation of the 350CDI so is not running the later EDC17 CP10 or CP46 system but the first EDC17 CP01 variation which runs slightly different software.

Stock figures are 231bhp and 540nm of torque from the 3.0V6 Turbo diesel power plant but after our bespoke tuning software is now running 300bhp and 720nm of torque which is a massive gain of 70bhp and 180nm of torque making power delivery savage!!!

Here are link to the MBO forum which we sponsor and also pictures below of the vehicle!

Mercedes C350 CDI Remapping Mercedes C350 CDI Remapping Mercedes C350 CDI Remapping