Mercedes C63 AMG Exhaust & Filters

Mercedes C63 AMG Remapping

Here at GAD Tuning we offer full tuning packages for the Mercedes C63 AMG Remapping, this also includes full exhaust systems, performance filters and supercharger systems! All software is custom written and the gains to be had from a stock vehicle is massive! Mercedes heavily restrict the C63 AMG from factory to keep it in line with the BMW M3 and Audi RS4.


We can offer full iPE systems which include the high performance manifolds and switchable back boxes. This will see further improvements in performance and sound track giving us the ability to push the 6.2 even further and in some vehicles we have seen 550bhp.


We offer the latest K&N or BMC performance air filters for the C63 AMG giving improvements in air flow and lower IAT’s (Intake air temps) making for lightning throttle response and coupled with the iPE exhaust system makes for awesome power!

Supercharger systems

Here at GAD Tuning we are dealers for Weistec engineering and can offer full supercharger kits including stage1,2 and 3 giving either 620bhp, 720bhp or over 800BHP!!! Full kits available and also can offer gearbox upgrades.

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C63 AMG Remapping C63 AMG Remapping C63 AMG Remapping