Mercedes C63 AMG Remapping

Performance tuning upgrades

Here at GAD Tuning we specialise in the high performance market and the Mercedes C63 AMG is one of the finest examples of vehicle that is both functional and blisteringly powerful!!!

The Mercedes C63 AMG running the M156 6.2 V8 engine has a lot of hidden potential that can be unlocked via tuning techniques OR hardware modifications to give you the customer what the vehicle can really do!!!

The stock vehicle runs 450bhp standard to keep it in market line with BMW and Audi which means the Mercedes C63 AMG is heavily restricted! Via software alone they tune from 450bhp to 515bhp with easy! After this the Mercedes C63 AMG needs exhaust modifications and also cleaner air intakes to produce more more!

With the Essex Performance Exhausts iPE full C63 AMG system the performance manifolds and reworked exhaust coupled with BMC air filters can give your “Family saloon” over 550bhp!!!

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Mercedes C63 AMG RemappingMercedes C63 AMG Remapping