Mercedes C63 AMG Stage 2

GAD Powered Stage 2 C63 AMG

Here at GAD Tuning we have developed a range of tuning programmes for the Mercedes C63 AMG and here is our customer entering Stage 2! The stock vehicle runs 450bhp and through our Stage 1 programme the Mercedes C63 AMG tunes to 520bhp! Our customer now wants to take his C63 a Stage further which requires physical changes. After installing a full iPE performance system with performance long tube manifolds, improved mid section and switchable rear system couple with our bespoke software the vehicle can now run 550bhp!!!

Stage 3?

Our customers already have there sights set on our Stage 3 package which adds a little flavour to the N/A engine in the form of a supercharger upgrade!

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Mercedes C63 AMG Stage 2 Mercedes C63 AMG Stage 2 Mercedes C63 AMG Stage 2