Mercedes E250 CDI Coupe remapping

E250 CDI Coupe Remapping

Here at GAD we had many 250 CDI models booking in for power tuning including another Mercedes E250 CDI Coupe remapping. Gains are excellent on these models and will gain an extra 35-40bhp and 50-55nm of torque over stock management. This particular model also had Carlson lowering springs fitted which improved the stance and also handling capabilities.

The improved performance and customer written software means for greater drivability, power and improved fuel efficiency!

Running the Delphi CRD3.X management means full communication to the maps via the OBD port, the older 2008 models must have the ECU removed but the newer models do not!

We also showcase many vehicles on the MBO forum

E250 CDI Remapping E250 CDI Remapping E250 CDI Remapping E250 CDI Remapping