Mercedes E350 CDI bespoke remapping

Here at GAD Tuning we can offer fully custom software for the Mercedes E350 CDI 265bhp giving massive improvements in horse power and torque to fully unleash what it is capable of!

This is achieved by firstly pulling all factory information off the vehicle ECU in this case the Bosch EDC17 CP46 management platform that all 265bhp model 350 CDI run. Due to anti tuning protection this means the ECU must be removed from the vehicle and programmed on the bench to get round the tuning protection system.

After making a full back up of the ECU we get to work manipulating the OEM software to then get the desired results with will be high BPH and torque taking the stock 265bhp and 620nm of torque vehicle to 300bhp and 720nm with power delivery being smoother and coming in earlier.

We are also members of the MBO forum so check us out over there also.

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