Mercedes E350 CDI Remapping!!!

E350 CDI Remapping

Performance tuning

Here at GAD Tuning we specialise in the E350 CDI engine in which we can achieve massive gains from both the 231bhp and 265bhp engine models.

The E350 CDI engine runs the Mercedes Bosch EDC17 platform of ECU which requires removal of the ECU and bench communication to bypass the Anti tuning protection on the ECU’s. With the E class the ECU is located in the front right wheel arch!

Pulling this information off allows us to then start the tuning process on the E350 CDI and start getting the true potential from the vehicle.


Stock 231bhp and 540nm of torque tune to 300bhp and 720nm of torque

Stock 265bhp and 620nm of torque tune to 315bhp and 750nm of torque

There are slight differences between the engines which allow for greater power out put from the vehicle and also they run two variations of the same platform of ECU.

Mercedes E350 CDI remapping