Mercedes CDI remap development


Mercedes ECU remapping design and development

GAD Tuning LTD are Mercedes remapping and engine management specialists. We have developed for all models of Mercedes, however our specialities are 350 CDI, 320 CDI, 250 CDI and AMG engines. This also includes hardware uprating such as supercharger kits, pulley upgrades and bespoke exhaust systems to coincide with ECU remapping to get the maximum power output our customer requires. As standard we retain all the safety parameters and settings originally programmed into the Mercedes CDI engine management by Mercedes so as to protect your engine and gear box from damage.

Switchable Mercedes Remapping

Switable remapping for Mercedes petrol and diesel vehicles with the GAD WT3 and WT4 units allows the end user to have full control over the vehicles engine management. Both the WT3 and WT4 retain factory software, this can be loaded at any given time to set the vehicle back to factory settings. The WT systems can hold a minimum of 3 remaps including the original factory software and as many as 10. This system still allows the customer to have a fully bespoke ECU remap any where in the world and with out the need of our presence. The process is simple and at most will take an hour to complete from start to finish.

Gearbox Remapping for Mercedes

When remapping a vehicle with automatic transmission, it is essential to make the gearbox aware of power changes. ECU remapping in both petrol and diesel vehicles increases engine torque therefore the torque transmitted to the gearbox is also increased. Gearbox shifting will react in two ways, under heavy acceleration ie 80{6fe84bdfaa7b31ed840d9a91cfe330208c3d9328218c116f6c0eacc4bf3d3948} throttle and above a more aggressive “sportier” gear change can be felt. In most cases improving shift times by 50 milliseconds. The delivery of torque needs to be regulated and distributed in a smooth manor to ensure reliability with increased power output. With an economy remap gearbox shift patterns are adjusted when medium to light throttle is applied so the gearbox changes earlier to keep engine within peak torque power band in a higher gear. Higher gear + Lower revs = Less fuel consumed at the same speed.

Mercedes DPF Removal

Mercedes DPF removal is extremely complicated when compared to many other vehicle manufacturers. This is due to the DPF remap or structure being controlled by many algorithms and not a simple “DPF OFF” switch.  All Mercedes diesel vehicles after late 2004 will be equipped with diesel particulate filter that in the UK is not required for MOT standards. With correct DPF removal and engine management remapping we guarantee no raise in emissions outputs due to smoke correction. In most cases it is noted there is a reduction in emissions.

DPF removal software before the physical diesel particulate filter can be removed the engine management software must be changed and corrected to prevent limp mode and engine management failures such as P2002 rolling errors which in some cases become permanently embedded with the firmware of the ECU.

DPF hardware removal as stated DPF removal software must be applied initially before removing the DPF hardware. This can be done in two ways, the first is with DPF bypass pipe which doesn’t comply with changing MOT standards whereas method two involves keeping your OEM housing and removing the internal diesel particulate filter. This still allows maximum flow rate as is a larger surface area apposed to a straight pipe therefore the most cost affective solution over purchase of third party hardware while maintaining the OEM appearance and quality.

Mercedes EGR Valve Disable

Exhaust gas recirculation valves running into similar issues that DPF filters do due to being part of the emissions control system. Through software changes vehicles can run without the need of exhaust gas recirculation. Through a less efficient combustion cycle the EGR valves suffer from similar blocking issues that the diesel particulate filters have. This can cause blocking and malfunctions due to carbon build up causing limp mode and severely restricted power and in more serious cases can clog inlet manifolds, swirl flap degradation and turbo VNT issues and failures. By removing the EGR valve all of the above can be avoided plus day to day exhaust gas temperatures will decrease resulting in the life span of key components increasing.

AMG Remapping and Tuning

GAD have developed bespoke solutions for the C63 AMG, E55 Kompressor AMG and the SL600 V12 BiTurbo AMG used the SL series.  When taking on such a prestigious vehicle we have a lot to live up to due to AMG producing some of the greatest power plants in the motor vehicle industry. The development process is a tall order however we have achieved results which have exceeded our own expectations, combining both bespoke ECU remapping along side bespoke hardware upgrades and uprated components making an already ore inspiring vehicle something more than just an AMG!