nissan remapping

Nissan Remapping at GAD


Nissan Remapping is very specialized and sort after the methods used to remap Nissan and denso ecus are of a complex nature with the correct equipment and knowledge we are able to read data from the denso ecu, this then enables us to remap and upgrade the engine management software to a client specification once the remap / upgrade has been done the software can then be loaded back to the ecu, refitted then data logged to ensure all is well. Full diagnostic tests are performed prior to the remapping to ensure full reliability of the software.

The following ECU Types and Vehicles are currently supported at GAD

Nissan X Trail 2.0 DCI and 2.2 DCI

Nissan X Trail Remapping and DPF Removal can be carried out at GAD

– Nissan Navara remapping and DPF Removal for 2.5 DCI and 3.0 DCI

– Nissan Pathfinder ecu remapping and DPF removal


The above units need to visit a GAD dealer the average cost for remapping any models above £420:00 INC VAT please contact GAD for specific prices and quotes. EGR Valve disable is included within the price.