porsche 911 turbo remapping

Porsche 997 Turbo Remapping

Remap development

GAD Tuning are proud to offer Porsche 997 ECU Remapping. All development and remapping design for the 997  are developed in-house by our dedicated development team. GAD have gained a high standard of Porsche 997 tuning by working with owners and forum members also targeting our remapping efforts with hours of research and development.

All of our Porsche development for ecu remapping has been fully bespoke and testing has been carried out on both dyno meters and track testing at various test tracks in the uk.

Porsche 911 turbo remapping can yield up to 90 BHP and a shocking 130 NM of torque from just remapping alone. With other modifications such as charge cooling and Porsche hybrid turbo upgrades massive potential gains can be extracted.

For more information of Porsche 911 turbo remapping please call us via 05603 67 21 09 or [email protected]