Porsche hybrid turbo

997 Porsche Hybrid Turbo

Porsche hybrid turbo Porsche Hybrid Turbo upgrade

GAD have designed and developed a hybrid turbo set up for the 997 Gen 1 and Gen 2 models to safely ease in more power from the fantastic power plant Porsche have produced. With our Hybrid turbo set up and engine management development (remapping) we have produced nothing short of staggering results. Our own 997 is a daily driver and produces 700 BHP at the flywheel whilst being “normal” to drive in every day conditions. The Porsche Hybrid turbos GAD have created are full 360 Thrust bearing units with forged internals and hardened outer casing making for a life long upgrade over the standard porsche turbos. With higher pressure and increase heat we do recommend reduced back pressure ie an exhaust although not essential it makes sense to make the most of what you have. Also there are massive benefits from our proprietary air-to-liquid charger cooler set up to massive reduce charge temperatures.  For more info on Porsche hybrid turbos please contact GAD tuning via email / [email protected] or via phone 05603 67 21 09



Hybrid turbo cost are based on the specific application however an average cost for the hybrid porsche upgrade is £1200 for the turbo units if fitting is required we can fit and give full setup service.


Hybrid Turbo spec

  • high flow compressor wheel profiled and balanced
  • Compressor cover to suit replacement compressor wheels and ceramic coating
  • Exhaust wheel lightened and upgraded for faster spool and pressure increase
  • twin piston ring seals fitted and sealed
  • 630 BHP & 890Nm Torque @ 4,500 Rpm & 1.1Bar Boost with factory remapping and management software