Remapping @ HOME WT3 SYSTEM

Remapping @ Home – WT3 Unit

GAD Tuning can redevelop the MAP structure for a range of outputs of course performance and economy but also extras such as launch control and many other features such as DPF Removal.

How ?

We simply provide you with the basic means of extracting data from your ecu, this data can then be downloaded and send to GAD tuning HQ (VIA EMAIL) where it will be analyzed then upgraded to your requirements once completed we then sent the upgraded software back to you to upload to your vehicle. This is the same method that would be applied if you were to visit a GAD dealer.

What will I receive ?

Upon purchasing the GAD WT3 unit you will receive x1 OBD CAN/Kline communication tool and x1 software application to your requirements.

What will it cost ?

Cost is vehicle dependent please feel free to let us know what you have and your requirements

For more information please contact GAD Tuning Please see Mercedes forum post – V