Remapping your Volkswagen after the emissions scandal

There are thousands of people around the country who are currently feeling furious that they spent extra money on their car in order to buy an environmentally friendly vehicle, only to discover that they’ve purchased a model that may have been secretly spewing pollution at a rate way beyond what was advertised.

Many of the drivers who are potentially affected by the emissions scandal will own luxurious, stylish cars, like the Audi A5 or the Volkswagen Scirocco. They are now faced with the possibility that they’ll have to choose between accepting that their cars are going to emit more harmful gases than they had any right to expect, or potentially reducing performance in order to cut emissions.

GAD Tuning can help by ensuring that the best possible compromise between emissions and power is achieved by your car. Many vehicles can be persuaded to produce less emissions and greater economy without sacrificing a significant amount of performance. This is because manufacturers deliberately map their vehicles’ engines to perform less well than they are capable of performing in order to allow some flexibility for upgrades when updated versions of the model are introduced.

With a turbo equipped engine such as Volkswagen’s TDI diesel, it is generally possible to extract a great deal more performance without sacrificing fuel economy. This means that there is almost certainly overhead for concerned owners to reduce their emissions without sacrificing performance.

At the same time, if owners feel that the damage is already done and they might as well enjoy their vehicle to its full potential, there is plenty of scope to increase the power of the 2.0 litre TDI engine that is the focus of the scandal.

At present, with the threat of recall hanging over Volkswagen drivers’ heads, it is probably best for drivers to wait to see what the company is going to do to redress the issue with emissions test cheating software in their cars. However, no-one should worry unduly about the consequences for their vehicle. A reasonably priced solution based around ECU remapping is likely to be available once the Volkswagen Group have atoned for their sins.

Photo: VW Badge by xddorox licensed under Creative commons 2