Renault 1.5 DCI 68 BHP Got Economy ?

Renault Remapping
On Saturday we set out to beat a Tuning Box that one of our clients was using… Just to convert him we added some extras such as EGR Delete QST. The client is a Service manager at a local dealer.The Vehicle – 1.5 DCI Clio 100% Standard engine.

The Task – To produce more power and more torque and most importantly MORE MPG.

So we set to work with a base map… Then applied the map over 45% Throttle at customer request, with good helping if extra air and a small amount of fuel under heavy throttle… We had produced somewhat is a baby monster.

The Result – One very happy customer much more torque than before the remap AND an AVERAGE of 90 MPG on a 40 Mile Run.

Thanks to Mark Butterworth Bury St Edmunds Suffolk for allowing us to work with lots of coffee !

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Location: (service) – Remapping Bury St Edmunds Suffolk