Rolling Road in Essex

Essex Rolling Road

Here at GAD Tuning Ltd we have our very own state of the art 2WD Rolling road system setup primarily for RWD (Rear wheel drive) Applications but with enough notice Front wheel drive can also be accommodated. The system we use is the British designed and built Dyno Developments Precision 2WD system which has a very advanced system using an Eddy brake which allows us to use an Intelligent Adaptive load control and will hold load perfectly every time.


The difference when choosing a company for mapping is that basically if they have an Inertia dyno they are not mappers as you cannot use it to control different states and RPMs under load for fine tuning and mapping, inertia dyno’s are simply used for power runs!




Some key features of our system!


Our Dyno cell based in Essex at our HQ was completely designed from the ground up to be repeatable, control temperatures, control noise (for the neighbours) and to have an environment in which our results are realistic and repeatable. You wont find our Dyno stuffed in a workshop which is also an MOT garage or in a room which doesn’t monitor anything but looks glossy. Ours is a tool for giving you the best and safest results!