What is a Staged Remap ?

Stage Remapping is where a development process has taken place and a remap has been developed on an existing car with the same profile as a potential customers own vehicle. An exact match or clone of the remap will be developed on car A and used on car A B C E ect although staged maps are great for vehicles with little or no modifications its is not advisable to remap a modified car with a staged remap.

Why Remap in stages ?

Many clients will want a mild performance and economy increase via remapping to start with when modifications have been applied the software can be redeveloped and bespoke applications will be made for the specific vehicle and modifications.

DPF Removal With A Staged Remap ?

DPF removal is extremely common alongside a staged remap due to the increase in power and economy from dpf removal. GAD always provide our clients with a basic stage one remap with our DPF removal service as smoke correct will need to be in place this is standard with DPF removal.