Supercarsofessex London run

Sloane Street

GAD Tuning are the tuning partner of the Supercarsofessex which hold runs and meets every month which travel around Essex and surrounding areas! Occasionally we head off into London to areas such as Knightsbridge and Sloane Street which have in recent years become huge for the Supercar following.

Supercar spotters

Supercar spotting has become a global hit! With all major cities having enthusiasts who crave the Supercar life style. Fortunately for GAD Tuning we are surrounded with this world of supercars as GAD Tuning are the No.1 tuning company for Supercar tuning. Some people with a very keen business sense have turned Supercar spotting into a fully functioning business.

London Baby

London is the place to be for supercar spotting! With the rich and wealthy living in and around London means its a supercar hot spot, see many customised and rare models on a daily basis which is music to the car spotters ears.


Supercarsofessex is a club for supercar enthusiasts who can meet with other like minded supercar owners which can enjoy a pre planned route together with meeting places at both ends including breakfast and lunch and seeing parts of Essex that are really untouched!

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