The software and software alone provided by GAD Tuning can be replaced and removed free off charge on the basis that any vehicle/vehicles are carried out at a location of GAD Turing’s or GAD Tuning partners choice.
“Warranty” has been designed to ensure that you receive protection against unexpected repair bills in the event that your current manufacturer’s warranty fails to cover your vehicle and only if the manufacture warranty fails GAD Tuning will not be held accountable for any such claim if this method has not be implemented or correct.
This Warranty applies only in the event that your Manufacturer’s Warranty does not respond.
GAD Tuning will not be held accountable for wear and tear and or any such related due to an effect of ware and tear.
Important note This warranty does not apply to:
Any repairs, loss, damage or liability to and or a vehicle/s or person/s which is accepted on any existing insurance, warranty or guarantee, or the replacement of any part covered by manufacturer recall
Any loss where the mileometer has been tampered with, altered or disconnected;
Any damage caused by lack of servicing, failure to observe manufactures recommended parts replacement schedule, any type of accident, freezing, misuse, neglect or abuse by using the vehicle after you have become aware of a fault;
Routine servicing and maintenance or cleaning or adjusting any part;
Items which do not form part of the manufacturer’s original specification;
No sum in respect of economic or consequential loss is payable.
GAD Tuning has no control over warranty/insurance due to being held and or supplied by a third party .GAD Tuning are not accountable for any loss or damage if the terms are not met and or not fully undertaken
Use excludes competitions, track days, pace making, rallying or any other form of motorsport.GAD Tuning may change any terms and conditions at any time.
Any costs over the amount we authorize in line with the terms of this agreement GAD Tuning have the right to review and refuse any claim. All proof must be original and hold a date of purchase.
Proof must be required to proceed with a claim if this is ignored and warranty and or insurance will become invalid.
Evidence of Cover: At the time of GAD Tuning product installation, a current original manufacturer warranty for the vehicle is required for this guarantee to be operative, and it is a condition that such warranty remains in force until its normal expiry date. By a contract of purchase you are and or accept the terms and conditions.
All ECU Remap Upgrades include a limited lifetime warranty against defects in the software and to provide free updates and re-flashes as they become available. Installation may be additional and is not included in the warranty if the product is faulty and or not satisfactory a refund (less labor charge at £85 per hour per technician ) will be issued after inspection. Its is the customers responsibility to ensure the vehicle is in correct working order without underlying faults.
All gains quoted are used as a guide. Any refund or credit note will be less the value of labor and or fitting charge. If a mobile service this will also be a fuel surcharge based upon the mileage from us to you (0.50 Per mile)
Period of Cover:
from the date of your Remap.
100,000 miles as measured on the vehicle odometer from the date of installation; or
the period remaining on the original Manufacturer warranty at the time of remap; whichever is the shortest .If you are not the vehicle owner GAD will not be held responsible for any claim.. GAD will not give a refund after 30 days of payment  and or date of work completed.