Turbo cars: The remap dream

Today even the leading supercar manufacturers like Ferrari and McLaren are slowly switching to turbo power, which means there are big gains to be had with a simple remap.

Smaller capacity, turbocharged engines offer greater fuel economy than the big naturally aspirated powerplants that are increasingly going the way of the Dodo. Porsche has finally accepted the inevitable and introduced turbo engines across its line-up, and BMW has accepted the future and turned to turbo power for its M3, M5 and M6. There are a few sticking to natural aspiration, but they are few and far between.

That’s great news for the performance tuning industry, because turbo-powered cars are easily tuned with a carefully thought out engine remap (http://www.gadtuning.co.uk/performance-remapping/). You can gain up to 30% on the overall horsepower with virtually no loss when it comes to the real world fuel economy.

The engine mapping dictates the boost pressure, the ignition timing and several other key parameters that dictate the car’s performance. Manufacturers have to worry about longevity in all conditions and have to build in a significant margin for error in case the car isn’t maintained as it should be, or if it’s running all day in hot conditions.

It simply isn’t good business for a manufacturer to push an engine to its limit, but if you know you’re going to maintain your car as it should be and drive it in a temperate climate like the UK, then you can afford to push the envelope much further than the manufacturers ever would.

So if you’re thinking about engine remapping in London then it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Porsche 911 Turbo S (http://www.gadtuning.co.uk/porsche-remapping/), a McLaren 650S or a Nissan GTR-35, there’s a world of performance waiting to be unlocked in the electronic code. It’s cost-effective, too, compared to the expensive exhaust systems and mechanical performance upgrades that can soon rack up to insane amounts with the world’s leading sportscars.

If you want the most potent weapon on the streets of London, or Essex, then a remap might be just the kick in the pants your car needs.

Photo: Maserati Granturismo by JLaw45 licensed under Creative commons 2