GAD are VAG Group and Volkswagen remapping specialists. GAD have developed leading applications in many motor sport arenas we also have produced a 12 Second (quarter mile) PD TDI running Volkswagens standard ECU Management. With many extras such as launch control and popcorn limiters. When it comes to Volkswagen remapping, GAD Tuning is an industry leading remapping specialist. We’ve worked on countless Volkswagens over the years, and offer a fully bespoke Volkswagen ECU remapping service to meet you and your car’s every need. With our years of experience working with Volkswagen we’re confident that we can unlock your car’s full potential here at GAD tuning today.

If you’re ready to give your Volkswagen the enhancement it needs, GAD Tuning is here to help. Our Volkswagen remapping London will help you power up your vehicle, adding features such as launch control, and anti-lag to make your car feel better than brand new. All of our engineers here at GAD Tuning are fully qualified to perform the Volkswagen ECU remapping and engine tune-ups that your car needs today. When it comes to Volkswagen remapping, make sure you leave your car in the hands of the professionals here at GAD Tuning.

ECU Remapping for VW Cars

The Volkswagen is one of the most popular car brands and manufacturers in the UK. Here at GAD Tuning we pride ourselves in helping cars reach their full potential, whether you drive a Volkswagen or a Rolls Royce. Our experts are fully qualified when it comes to any Volkswagen remapping Essex and a member of our in-house team will be on hand during the remapping to ensure that you’re every need is met.

Because of the way they are built, Volkswagen engines have a large scope for improvement. When it comes to Volkswagen remapping London, we can easily and safely extract an extra 60 BHP and 120 NM of torque from your vehicle. Thanks to this quick and easy gradable remapping, our Volkswagen remapping London can make your car drive and feel better than the day it left the shop floor.

Here at GAD Tuning we offer a full Volkswagen ECU remapping service, no matter which model you drive. Our team here at GAD Tuning are experts in Volkswagen ECU remapping, and we dedicate our entire service to you and vehicles’ needs with each and every tune up. Your car is also fully insured while we carry out your Volkswagen ECU remapping, helping give you the ultimate peace of mind when you call GAD Tuning today.

If you would like any more information on Volkswagen remapping Essex or any of the other services we offer here at GAD Tuning, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. One of our experts will be more than happy to address any concerns you may have and talk you through what we can do to help you unlock your car’s true potential today.



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