Will it invalidate my warranty?

This is a common question asked online when people want to know about ECU remapping. To be honest, it is not as relevant as you might think, particularly for high performance cars, as the manufacturer’s warranty really only covers you for manufacturing defects that were in the car when it was made. Since performance marques tend to have better quality assurance, they don’t let cars with defects out of the factory in the first place.

Never the less, a straight question deserves a straight answer, and the answer to this question is “We can’t tell without looking at your specific warranty agreement, but it’s certainly possible that it might”. Manufacturers often have clauses which invalidate the warranty if you have carried out any sort of engine remapping, because they don’t know what kind of things people might be doing, and they don’t want to write a blank cheque for really harsh remappings which could reduce the serviceable life of the engine.

At GAD Tuning, of course, we don’t do things that damage cars. We don’t have to take our software on trust, because we develop it ourselves and keep data on the effect of our remappings. That’s why we’re a provider of ECU remapping in Essex and London to top motorsports teams and to main dealers. These people know and trust us; if a main dealer is prepared to take our tuning advice, that ought to make it clear that whatever the detailed wording of the manufacturer’s warranty, we’re not doing anything that is going to impair the reliability of the car.

And this is why we’re able to offer our own, market leading, warranty on our ECU remapping. It’s underwritten by Hiscox, who are one of the biggest insurance brokers in the world, and (subject to reasonable terms and conditions set out here [http://www.gadtuning.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/]), it means you are covered if you have unexpected repair bills and your manufacturer’s warranty has been invalidated.

By no means all of our competitors are able to offer anything like this. We are able to get the insurance cover that allows us to offer this warranty because we are on the cutting edge of engine remapping in Essex, and we have the experience and data to back up our claims.

Photo: "Going nowhere fast" by Nathan E Photography licensed under Creative commons 2