Remote remapping

The WT4 can remotely be used to remap/reprogram many ecu’s to a clients specification,¬†data can be removed and re developed to ensure a fully bespoke outcome. Other function’s include DPF Removal software, EGR valve disable and Launch control.

Switchable Remapping with WT4

The WT4 can hold 10 map’s including the factory software. You can switch between maps as and when you like with no restriction. For example the most common choice’s of remaps developed for the WT4 device are performance and economy, However you could have performance, Fast road and track developed maps. Any maps of your choice can be applied.

Key Benefits:

– Set back to Factory settings at any time.

– No Trace of upgraded software once factory settings are in place

– Ability to switch between upgrades

– Add maps and and when required

For more information on the WT4 Please feel free to get in touch with a member of the GAD team.