GAD Tuning can disable and effectively remove the EGR valve and functions (MOT SAFE) this can further improve throttle response and increase engine efficacy.EGR Removal

EGR Issues

Many car owners are looking to remove the engines troublesome EGR valves. To save money on both parts and fuel ! With an average cost of £300 and life expectancy of only a few years many “in the know” simply remove the EGR or blank the EGR in take pipe. This may cause the engine management light to come on due to reading incorrect values or the ecu knowing what you have done. GAD can fix this issue by disabling this within the Remap/Software to ensure you never have any more EGR Issues.

The Problems:

EGR Disable and EGR Removal is a very common issue in newer vehicles when blocked the EGR causes running issues and limp home mode.

When combined with a remap EGR Removal / Deactivation starts from £75:00. However we can remove the EGR Valve without remapping from £140:00 Inc VAT. GAD Normally Provide EGR Removal at one of our dealerships however this can be done via a mobile service if required.