BMW LogoBMW engine remapping is made easier with GAD Tuning, a company with years of experience when it comes to getting the most out of your car. We develop bespoke ECU software for all models of BMW, so we’re sure we can provide whatever it is you’re looking for, no matter how specialised. We pride ourselves on custom ECU remapping and can achieve gains of as much as 70 BHP and 120 NM of torque on some models. If you want to boost your vehicle to the max then you’re in the right place.

If you’re interested in greater performance, greater economy and greater throttle response then that can all be done with DPF and EGR removal. We have also developed special edition vehicles for main dealers, giving customers a really unique vehicle that they can be proud of. We have an award winning warranty and a backing that is larger than any other mapping business across Europe and the UK. Let us show you why by choosing us for your BMW engine remapping.

BMW Vehicle Tuning Service

When you purchase a BMW you expect superior engineering and definitive build quality. The brand is highly respected all around the world, but remapping could enhance your car even further. We offer the premier BMW vehicle tuning service and we guarantee to provide your car with a tailored service that is perfect for your particular model. A member of our in-house team is always on hand and can see to it that your needs are met every time.

GAD Tuning works with many car dealers to provide existing clients with performance and economy gains. The protection and security of your cars will be provided when remapping through a dealer with warranty and insurance. Unlock the full potential of your car and get your money’s worth by choosing us as your vehicle tuning service.

Why is GAD Tuning the best for BMW remapping?

We’ve been helping cars to reach their full height of performance for years, and we’re experts at giving customers a friendly, informative service that keeps them coming back. We’re in the business of making your car a dream to drive, and our BMW vehicle tuning service does that and much more. There’s a reason we’ve built up such a loyal customer base and we want to show you why.

If you would like more information regarding BMW remapping and the services that we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today. We can talk you through the process and make sure remapping is the right thing to do for your vehicle. We can turn your car into something to boast about and make it a joy to drive. Don’t delay; contact GAD Tuning and make us your BMW vehicle tuning service today.


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