porsche-logoThis brand is a symbol synonymous with luxury, style and incredibly high-quality. The German manufacturer based in Stuttgart has worked tirelessly for more than 65 years to make sure these are the words we associate with their range of first-rate sports cars. Their original dream for the perfect sports car was small, lightweight and energy efficient. This original vision is clear throughout the history of Porsche products, as each model and development is a testament to their commitment to innovation and intelligent design. The brand’s principle has not only driven the brand to be a market competitor for decades, but has also captured the attention and imagination of car enthusiasts all over the world.

In recent years the brand has been highly successful indeed and claims to have the highest profit per unit sold of any other car company in the world. Their success comes as no surprise, as their consumer models are increasingly popular with those who value exceptional style and impeccable performance. However, car enthusiasts who wish to unlock the full potential of their Porsche commercial cars may decide to invest in ECU remapping.

Porsche Vehicle Tuning Service

Porsche create all of their vehicles to be a sports car, no matter whether it has two, four of five doors, centre or rear-mounted engine or whether it is powered by petrol, diesel or hybrid technology. The motorsport mentality is apparent in every vehicle’s design. However, using a Porsche engine remapping service could mean accessing the core of your vehicle’s top quality performance.

GAD Tuning can provide a Porsche vehicle tuning service that offers custom straight through exhaust systems and hybrid turbo upgrades. Alongside custom designed and manufactured charge coolers, you will be able to see your 997 911 Turbo S reach 700 BHP with uncompromised performance and reliability. We can provide upgrades to all models of this brand, from the 993 911, including the 996 911, 997 911, Cayenne, Boxster and the Panamera. Porsche remapping by GAD Tuning can yield up to 80 BHP and 120 NM of torque over the standard management with our bespoke software.

Where Can I find Porsche Engine Remapping Services?

GAD was founded in 2009 as experts providing bespoke ECU Remapping software and services for a wide variety of motorsport clients. Over the years our client base has rapidly expanded, as has our services. We now provide bespoke ECU remaps as well as advanced engine management software all over the world. Remapping is a diverse product that has the power to revolutionise the power and economy of your vehicle. As main dealers with motorsport experience, you can rest assured that our Porsche vehicle tuning service is one of the best available on the market.

At GAD Tuning, Porsche development has been at the forefront of our development programme due to both of GAD’s flagship demo vehicles are 911 Turbos (GEN1 and GEN2 Turbo S). We have developed and tested our Porsche vehicle tuning service and upgrades to create the perfect package for our clients. Porsche remapping from GAD tuning is 100% bespoke and our staged maps come with a £5 million warranty, so you can rest assured that you receive only the best service and excellent ECU Porsche remapping results.


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