Audi R8 – GAD Edition


Audi R8 - GAD Edition

– Custom written ECU recalibration software for both Master and slave ECU
– Quicksilver titan Sport / SuperSport high flow exhaust system
– High performance K&N air filters

Huge improvements in throttle response and through software calibration 100% throttle is available with Vmax release which removes the 155mph speed limiter. The Audi R8 V10 is in fact a restricted Lamborghini Gallardo engine which gives us huge scope to improve horse power and torque.

With the high performance K&N air filters means the engine intake can breath much more efficiently, coupled with the super light free flowing Quicksilver exhaust system means we can maximise engine performance and horse power output taking the R8 V10 from 525bhp and 530nm of torque to 605bhp and 600nm of torque which gives it the same power output as the new Lamborghini Huracan.