Jaguar RemappingThere’s never been a better time to own a Jaguar car. This most iconic of British brands has guaranteed production of the next generation of high-performance engines with the opening of its new £500 million plant near Wolverhampton. This innovative manufacturing hub will be the site for the Ingenium engine range, which is expected to power its new models from 2015, including the new Jaguar XE.

It’s a development that will excite enthusiasts everywhere, because the Ingenium engine is expected to make the company even more competitive against its German counterparts. With a fusion of performance and economy said to be at the heart of the new engines, the models coming off the production line next year are sure to take the driving experience to the next level.

Combined with the utilisation of Jaguar ECU remapping services from GAD Tuning, the full performance potential of Jaguar cars has never been closer to being realised.

Jaguar vehicle tuning service

Jaguar’s pledge to improve the economy of its engines without sacrificing performance makes our remapping services a perfect match. GAD Tuning is renowned for developing bespoke ECU remapping software for all engines and management types. Our Jaguar engine remapping and tuning service incorporates software that is tailored to our clients request meaning that it’s capable of delivering a blend of power and economy.

In some cases, Jaguar remapping has facilitated the extraction of as much as 60 bhp and 100 nm of torque from a factory standard diesel vehicle, while maintaining similar MPG. Our economy remapping development has seen marked improvements in brake horsepower and torque through optimising engine efficiency alone, while these factors have been boosted further through our performance bespoke ECU Jaguar remapping.

The petrol engines also benefit massively from our Jaguar tuning service, which can help achieve considerable gains in terms of linear power throughout the rev range with the torque band improving the mid-range pull of the vehicle.

Who provides Jaguar engine remapping services?

If you’re keen to investigate how you can get more out of your engine, look no further than bespoke Jaguar engine remapping from GAD Tuning. As an owner or soon-to-be owner of a Jaguar you’re fortunate that the performance and economy gains to be had from your car are incredible. With our Jaguar tuning service, you can unlock the full potential of the engine and enhance your driving experience like never before.

As one of the leading high-performance vehicle tuning specialists in the UK, GAD Tuning have Jaguar ECU remapping services you can trust will add real value to what you would expect naturally from such a high-specification product. As winners of Cambridgeshire’s prestigious TECH business award for 2012, our team of developers have been recognised for their talent, experience and determination when it comes to breaking new boundaries for engineering systems that improve car performance.

For more information on how remapping can help your car find that extra gear, contact one of our experts today.

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